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If you’re bogged down by the tedious, yet necessary, bookkeeping, payroll, and accounting tasks that every business faces, Edwin Vicente Jr CPA PC is here to guide you. I ensure you, as a business owner, are focused on the operations of your business. That's why my firm is here and ready to apply 30 years of tax and accounting experience to assist you in growing and maintaining your business. The success of a business depends on the owner's ability to manage, analyze and make changes as needed leading to profitability and success.

I do more than manage “the books”. My goal is to make your life easier by seeking the best growth opportunities and profit maximizing strategies that apply to your specific business industry. When it comes to tax planning, I'm here with the answers you need to help minimize your business’ tax burden and maximize your profits.

Don’t stress over crunching the numbers! Give yourself a break and let me do it for you. Call 516-584-6427 today to request your free consultation to get started.


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